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I'm currently a junior pursuing a B.S. in Computer Science at The George Washington University in Washington, D.C., with an interest in cybersecurity and EdTech. At GW, I am an Undergraduate Teaching Assistant (UTA) for CSCI 3313 (Foundations of Computing); I have also been an undergraduate Learning Assistant foor CSCI 2312 (Discrete Structures II) and CSCI 1012 (Intro to Python).

My passion for technology started in kindergarten, when I taught myself how to use iWeb to design websites. Around age ten, I started to teach myself how to develop (and not just design) websites and started a web design business. Since then, I've enjoyed building custom tools for myself, my high school's newspaper and student government, the Sunrise Movement, and other organizations I've been a part of or volunteered for.

When not busy in class and coding (yes, often for fun), I enjoy skiing, advocating for climate action, and finding the best vegan sushi wherever I am (Shizen in SF; Planta in DC, LA, and more).

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  • Eatable -> - A neural network to predict prices of D.C. restaurant food from images.
  • University System -> - An application, registration, and advising system for universities built in a team with Flask, MySQL, and Bootstrap.
  • GWack Slack Simulator -> - A chat room client and server, similar to Slack, built with Java Swing.
  • GW Fossil Free Classes -> - A Google Chrome extension that adds icons to identify climate-friendly professors to GW's course lists.


  • - from before I knew how big germs were...
  • - yeah, I was a one-time ear model

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